Mission & Vision


Empowering Abilities, Enriching Lives


Our mission is to champion the rights, abilities, and inclusion of people living with disabilities, fostering collaboration, innovation, and lasting a change for a world where everyone can thrive


Somali Institute of Special Educational Needs and Disability is a grassroots organisation dedicated to improving the lives of People Living with Disabilities (PLWD) in Somalia. Our female founder is neurodivergent herself and understand the barriers faced by people living with disability.
Our core mission revolves around championing social justice and instigating positive transformations for PLWD.
At SISEND, we are resolute in our commitment to making a difference at local, regional, and national levels. Our primary goal is to advance equality, inclusivity, empowerment, and the sustainability of knowledge resources. These pillars are essential in fortifying support systems for PLWD across various facets of their lives.
Advocacy & Awareness

SISEND partners with policymakers, community leaders, and global allies to promote policies for peace, justice, and development. Additionally, we use research, education, and public campaigns to inform and inspire action on critical Somali issues like healthcare, education, gender equality, and economic opportunities for people living with disabilities.

Capacity Strengthening

SISEND supports people living with disabilities to lead better lives by offering institutional audits, teacher and school leaders training on inclusive education as well as policy makers. By doing this, SISEND not only supports individuals with disabilities but also encourages society to recognize and appreciate their abilities, creating a long-lasting impact.

Research & Evaluations

Research and evaluations are vital for our mission to support people with disabilities. We use data and feedback to inform evidence-based interventions and make sure our programs are effective and meet the changing needs of people living with disabilities. We aim to be transparent and accountable as we work to empower and uplift those we serve.

Provision of Assistive Technology/Devices

SISEND aids people living with disabilities by giving them personalized assistive technology. We know these tools can boost their independence and quality of life. Instead of one-size-fits-all solutions, we tailor the technology to each person's needs. This empowers individuals with disabilities to overcome challenges and participate fully in society, promoting inclusivity and fairness for all

Transition to Employment

At SISEND, we're dedicated to helping people living with disabilities find jobs. We know that having meaningful work is crucial for independence. Our programs give them the skills, confidence, and resources to succeed at work. We work closely with employers to make sure jobs are open to everyone. Our goal is to remove barriers and create a society where everyone, no matter their abilities, can have a job, thrive, and give back to their communities.



Learning from Evidence Assessment Study Report

This is a learning from evidence assessment Study report funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and implemented by Save the Children International-Somalia Central Office and Concern Worldwide. The authors wish to thank the many people in the Federal Government of Somali (FGS) and Federal Member States (FMS) for their invaluable contribution.

Screening, Assessment and Intervention for inclusive educational wellbeing for children with special educational needs and disabilities

Provision of quality education that addresses the unique learning needs of the child occasioned by their impairment need to be complemented by an accessible and accommodating environment that enables learning to take place (MoECHE, 2018). Inclusive education aims to eliminate exclusion that is a consequence of negative attitudes.

Education Financing Observatory in Somalia Years: 2015 - 2021

This paper was written by Suaad Abdulle and Dr. Jafred Muyaka. The study is part of a pilot exercise of the Education Financing Observatory coordinated by Luis Eduardo Perez Murcia and Vernor Muñoz Villalobos from the Global Campaign for Education. Special thanks to Luis Eduardo Perez Murcia, Vernor Muñoz Villalobos and the Education for All Somalia (EFASOM) team led by Adam Mohamed.

Youth with disabilities in Banadir on challenges and opportunities for full Inclusion

This study would not have been possible without the financial support from UNFPA and the support of IRISE HUB who have dedicated their efforts in empowering youth. SISEND also wishes to acknowledge the contributions of stakeholders that made it possible to collect, compile, and report the voices of youth with disabilities.

Access barriers to quality early childhood education in Somalia

This is a report of an ECE study that focused on understanding the access barriers to quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) for vulnerable and crisis affected children in Somalia. In Somalia, the importance of ECE is not well understood and while the subsector has been receiving attention recently, it still experiences a lot of data gaps regarding its coverage, infrastructure, perceptions, mode of delivery and service providers. The study investigated the policy, institutional, infrastructural and societal issues that limit development of ECE in Federal Government of Somalia (FGS). The purpose of the study was to document the access barriers to quality Early Childhood Education for vulnerable and crisis affected boys and girls in Somalia.

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